Wrongful Death Attorney in Fort Lauderdale, FL

When you are dealing with the most tragic situation a person or family can face – the needless and wrongful death of someone you love because of the negligent actions of another – the trauma, grief, pain and suffering are even more difficult to endure. In this tragic circumstance, taking legal action may be the last thing on your mind, but it is important for you to consider the possibility of pursuing a wrongful death case, because you may be facing even greater life difficulties and/or considerable financial burdens as a result of this devastating loss.

Your loved one can never be brought back, but the person or entity who is responsible for their death should be held ethically, legally, and financially responsible. If you have been the victim of this kind of misfortune, it’s difficult to think clearly, however. Filing a wrongful death action is an emotionally stressful and heartbreaking process; you need the help of an attorney who is experienced in wrongful death cases, and you need that help as soon as possible. Mr. Ivashuk is an experienced attorney in the area of wrongful death actions, and he is dedicated to advocating for the rights of people who are facing deeply personal losses in a compassionate and caring way.

Legally, a “wrongful death” is the result of reckless or negligent behavior that results in a fatality. In this case “negligent” refers to the failure of an individual to behave the way a reasonably prudent person would behave under the same circumstances – and their behavior causes a pointless death. A clear case of wrongful death due to negligence would include medical malpractice – when a physician’s error or healthcare provider’s neglect is the reason for the death, such as a failure to diagnose cancer or heart disease, or nursing home or elder care abuse. Wrongful death can also be caused by any number of incidents that overlap with personal injury cases, such as a product or work-related injuries that cause fatal harm that results in death. In these cases compensatory damages can and should be recovered for your loss. But if the loss is caused by a party’s intentional, reckless and/or grossly negligent actions, then this is a wrongful death suit that deserves punitive damages as well as compensatory damages. If your spouse, child, or parent dies as a result of a drunk driver or a criminal act, you need an experienced and aggressive attorney at your side who can recover both compensatory and punitive damages. Both awards are intended to provide financial recompense for the decedent’s survivors; but punitive damages also seek to punish the offending party. The Law Office of Jeffrey N Ivashuk has the resources and skilled professional staffs available to research, collect, and present evidence that will support your wrongful death case. He has the in-depth knowledge, understanding and courtroom skills to fight for your welfare – when you can’t. Mr. Ivashuk knows how dramatically a senseless death can alter a person’s entire existence, and he understands how severe the financial hardship will be for you and your family if justice is not served.

If you are still reeling from the death of your husband, your wife, your parent, or your child – you need the help and support of family and friends – but you also need the help and support of an exceptional and committed attorney as well. It is natural that you won’t know what to do or where to turn, and Mr. Ivashuk can provide the compassionate guidance and counsel you need in this difficult time. He will give you and your family a complimentary and confidential consultation to advise you, and help you determine your best course of action. **You should know that he will only work for you on a contingency basis, because he will accept no fee for helping you unless he wins for you. Jeffrey N Ivashuk is an attorney who not only cares about your rights and your personal welfare – he cares about you.