Federal Indictment Defense Attorney Miami – Jeff Ivashuk

If you’re charged with or under investigation for a federal crime, whether it’s a federal felony or a federal misdemeanor, you’re faced with some serious penalties and probable prison time. What you need is a tough defense lawyer who’s experienced in a Federal courtroom, a lawyer who understands and has handled the kind of Federal charge you’re facing. You need a Federal defense lawyer you can trust to take you through the entire process and fight for your rights and the best possible outcome – and that means you need to talk to Jeff Ivashuk today!

A Federal crime is one that involves the Federal government, and congress defines what constitutes a Federal crime. In some cases, your charges may also involve Florida’s State laws, in which case you’re looking at an even more complex case where both State and Federal laws apply. But a Federal crime, or a Federal and State crime that’s classed as a felony carries a heavy sentence: certain jail time and stiff penalties if the case results in a conviction. This is why you need a good Federal defense lawyer like Jeff Ivashuk at your side. You may only be under investigation, but it’s better to hire an attorney as soon as possible, because facing a Federal crime alone can be a high stakes risk. Your family, finances, reputation and freedom are all on the line, and the only way you can protect yourself is with expert advice and counsel from a dedicated professional who specializes in defending clients accused of Federal charges. Call Jeff Ivashuk for a free, no obligation, confidential consultation, because it’s critical that you understand exactly what’s going on and what your options are. Jeff Ivashuk’s office welcomes clients who speak Spanish, French, or even Creole, so you’ll not only have the best representation, he’ll guarantee that you have a complete and thorough understanding of every aspect of your case at every stage!

Jeff Ivashuk handles all steps of the Federal criminal defense process, from grand jury proceedings and pre-indictment investigations through plea bargains and negotiations, to representing you in Federal court if your case goes to trial. Having a Federal defense attorney in your court from the very beginning can help you understand what your course of action should be and how you should proceed. Whether your Federal crime involves drug trafficking, racketeering or RICO cases (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations), money laundering, or any kind of fraud – from health care, securities, mortgage, and tax fraud to identity theft, credit card, computer or internet fraud – Jeff Ivashuk knows who to talk to and when to talk to them. He can start to work for you before charges are even filed, and sometimes get them reduced – or even dropped entirely.

If you or a loved one is looking at a Federal prosecution you need to contact Jeff Ivashuk as soon as possible because you’re dealing with the Federal Government, and the Federal Government has unlimited funds to go after you. Look at it this way – you’re being prosecuted with your own tax dollars, so you’d better have an aggressive and experienced trial attorney in that courtroom that’s on your side!

Jeff Ivashuk has worked with all Federal investigative agencies, and he understands the complicated procedures that are involved in a Federal investigation. He can act as your spokesperson and mediate between you and Federal authorities, and that can often result in a better outcome with more favorable treatment. In some cases he can even intervene with a U.S. Prosecuting Attorney and convince them to either compromise on the charges and sentences, or – sometimes – not to prosecute you at all. Jeff Ivashuk can provide you with the kind of thorough, quality representation you need when you’re facing an extremely serious Federal charge, no matter what kind of charge it is. He has the well-earned reputation of aggressively and professionally defending his client’s rights while making sure they receive the respect and due process they’re entitled to. So if you’re in any kind of Federal trouble, call a lawyer with the kind of knowledge, skill, and dedication to see that you get the best representation you can get, and that’s Jeff Ivashuk.