Domestic Violence Attorney Miami – Jeff Ivashuk

Let’s face it, if anyone has accused you of domestic violence, whether it’s a spouse, a lover, a co-habitant, or a member of your family, the tide of current public opinion will be against you. Florida’s Domestic Violence laws are often unfair to the accused, and public opinion has swung so far to the other side that there’s a saying that says – “If you hear the words “Domestic Violence” – someone’s going to jail.” The laws have become tougher and harsher in every state and at every level. “Domestic Violence” is now a hot-button issue viewed with contempt and condemnation by the public, the police, and prosecutors no matter what the circumstances are or even whether they’re true. When you are accused of Domestic Violence, you are “guilty until proven innocent” in most people’s eyes.

Jeff Ivashuk believes exactly what the U.S. Constitution says – that you are “innocent until proven guilty,” and he’ll fight for you in court to make sure your rights aren’t trampled under the tide of negative public opinion. Jeff Ivashuk has more than 25 years of outstanding service as one of Miami’s top criminal defense lawyers, and seven of those years were spent as the lead attorney and supervisor in the specialized Domestic Violence Unit with the Public Defenders Office of Broward County. Jeff Ivashuk has spent years on “the front lines” of this hotly debated issue, and has literally handled hundreds of Domestic Violence cases, in and out of court. His unique and extensive experience with Florida’s highly specialized Domestic Violence laws make Jeff Ivashuk the attorney you need in court beside you in court if you’re facing any kind of charge of Domestic Violence in Miami.

The laws around Domestic Violence in the state of Florida are even more complicated and extreme than they are in many other states. This is why you need an attorney who has the experience to guide you through this very specialized area of criminal law. Jeff Ivashuk’s 7 years of experience in the Broward County Domestic Violence Unit is invaluable; few other lawyers know or understand the convoluted and confusing laws on Domestic Violence the way Jeff Ivashuk does. When you’re in an emotionally charged and potentially devastating position of being accused of domestic violence, you need someone who can truly see and understand every side of the story; that’s what makes a great lawyer, and that’s exactly what Jeff Ivashuk is.

The legal definition of “Domestic Violence” is defined as abuse, threats or violence within an intimate relationship, committed by either male or female, and occurring between spouses, intimate partners, or close relatives. Jeff Ivashuk wants you to know this, if you’ve been arrested on this charge – the first thing you need to do is – DON’T WAIT! GET IN TOUCH WITH AN ATTORNEY IMMEDIATELY! And not just any attorney, you need an attorney who specializes in domestic violence charges, and the one to go to is Jeff Ivashuk. Domestic Violence cases are handled differently than any other case; there are specialized Domestic Violence Units in every county in Florida – and that’s all they do – they only handle cases of domestic violence. Plus, every one of those units have prosecutors standing by that do nothing except prosecute cases of domestic violence, and they’re specifically trained to prosecute them aggressively. Because Jeff Ivashuk spent years in one of these specialized Domestic Violence Units himself, he learned that the necessity of early legal intervention in these cases is not just essential – but vital for any hope of a fair or equitable outcome.

Jeff Ivashuk’s second vital piece of advice is: DON’T THINK YOU CAN GO IT ALONE! If you’ve been accused of domestic violence it’s certain you will feel hurt, betrayed and angry – especially if the accusation is entirely false – or the events have been exaggerated and blown completely out of proportion, as emotional arguments often are. You need someone who can think clearly advocating for you and with all parties involved, from prosecutor to “victim,” because the truth is that many of the cases labeled as “Domestic Violence” do not belong in court. If there is a divorce in process, a suspicion of infidelity, or even an immigration matter – sometimes this law is actually used as a weapon against a partner. And in a large number of cases, the victim never wanted an arrest in the first place, and will plead to have the charges dismissed. But even if the victim drops the charges, pleads to have them dismissed, and then refuses to cooperate in court – the state attorney will usually still refuse to drop the case. Prosecutors will pursue a conviction if at all possible, because in the state of Florida, domestic violence isn’t treated as a crime against a person, it’s treated as a crime against the state of Florida.

Depending on the circumstances and situation, domestic violence is often prosecuted as a felony and jail time is mandatory, even if you have no criminal record whatsoever or the “abuse” is extremely minor. When you’re looking at a high stakes issue like this – you need a defense attorney like Jeff Ivashuk at your side in court. Jeff Ivashuk has handled hundred’s of domestic violence cases and arbitrated them to a positive outcome. Jeff Ivashuk’s domestic violence case record has resulted in many charges not being filed, being reduced, settling out of court, and acquittals. He has obtained counseling and education or amicable divorce rather than acrimony and jail time, and helped to reunite families and children with their loved ones. Let a compassionate and caring lawyer help you through the heartbreak of a Domestic Violence charge; let Jeff Ivashuk work for you.