Fort Lauderdale Medical Malpractice Attorney

If you or a loved one has suffered severe physical complications and/or consequences at the hands of a physician, nurse, pharmacist, or other medical healthcare provider, then those who caused your misfortune should be held ethically, legally, and financially responsible. Physicians take an oath to “do no harm”, but when they violate that oath and fail to provide an adequate level of medical care – and that failure is the cause of severe and permanent damages to you or a loved one – you deserve justice. Jeffrey N Ivashuk is a skilled personal injury lawyer in Fort Lauderdale with over 22 years of experience with medical malpractice cases in the state of Florida. He is committed to helping people who are dealing with disastrous consequences caused by substandard medical care. He believes that the victims of medical negligence deserve financial compensation in order to deal with what could be years of ongoing medical expenses together with pain and suffering – all because a doctor made a mistake.

Medical malpractice occurs when a person suffers severe, permanent damages or injuries as a result of inadequate or unacceptable care at the hands of a healthcare provider. Severe and permanent damages happen daily in hospitals all over the country. A few examples:

  • When a physician makes a diagnostic error that results in serious and permanent damages, such as failure to diagnose cancer or heart disease, this could be probable cause for a case of medical malpractice, and he/she could be held responsible.
  • If a nurse incorrectly administers the wrong kind or dosage of medication and the medication causes serious and permanent damages, this could be probable cause for a case of medical malpractice; and he/she could be held responsible.
  • If your child suffers from a birth injury due to physician error that causes serious and permanent damages, this could be probable cause for a case of medical malpractice, and the birth-room physicians and providers could be held responsible.
  • A Pharmacy fills a prescription with the wrong medication causing serious and permanent injuries.

You can see that it’s clear why cases of medical malpractice are so emotionally charged; a life has been altered forever – or lost completely due to permanent damages and/or injuries that were suffered at the hands of highly trained experts – experts that you trusted to take care of you. If you believe you have suffered injury at the hands of a physician or medical institution, you need the help of an experienced attorney who can stand up in a courtroom and fight for your rights against the medical establishment and/or large insurance companies. Mr. Ivashuk’s office has the resources and skilled professional staff to research and support the complex medical evidence needed in malpractice cases. He knows how to prove why the healthcare provider or medical establishment who treated you should be held responsible for the serious physical damages that will impact you – possibly for the rest of your life. Mr. Ivashuk specializes in advocating for the rights of people who are facing deeply personal losses in a compassionate and caring way – especially when they can’t.

If you are the victim of substandard medical care, you should contact a highly skilled medical malpractice attorney in Florida as soon as you are able to. Your choice of attorney will have a dramatic impact on the outcome of your case and the financial well being of you and your family. The Law Office of Jeffrey N Ivashuk PA located in Fort Lauderdale stands ready to provide a complimentary and confidential consultation to help you determine what that choice should be. **He will work with you on a contingency basis, because he will accept no fee for helping you unless he wins for you. Mr. Ivashuk is an attorney who not only cares about your rights and your personal welfare – he cares about you.