Federal Defense Attorney Fort Lauderdale

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federal-courthouseIf you have been accused of a Federal offense, it’s crucial that you contact a highly skilled and experienced Federal defense attorney promptly. In fact, even if you are only under investigation, you should seek counsel as soon as possible, and certainly before you talk to any kind of law enforcement or investigative agency that may be making inquiries or pursuing any kind of possible charge against you.

Jeff Ivashuk is an aggressive and skilled litigator who is experienced in all areas of Federal criminal law. He understands Federal investigative agencies and knows how this complicated process works when a person is suspected of or under investigation for a Federal crime. The stakes are exceedingly high if you’re charged with a Federal felony of any kind. Conviction means certain prison time and exorbitant fines and penalties. Jeff Ivashuk has built a reputation for defending his client’s aggressively and professionally. He’ll fight for your rights and make sure you’re given full and respectful due process under the law. It’s likely that this is one of the most important battles you will ever face in your lifetime, so make sure you have a lawyer you can trust at your side. Call Jeff Ivashuk for a complimentary and completely confidential review of the charges you are facing; find out what your possible options are, and what he can do for you!

If you’ve never had to deal with anything more than a traffic ticket, then finding yourself accused of a Federal crime and suddenly being thrust into the Federal judiciary system can be truly traumatic. Being under investigation or – worse yet – abruptly arrested is overwhelmingly stressful. Even if you are eventually exonerated, the anxiety and pain of an experience like this will affect your family, your home or business, your finances – your very reputation. And if you’re convicted, you risk the possibility of losing everything you’ve made of yourself and your life. Jeff Ivashuk understands this and will do everything in his power not just to defend you, but also to help you deal with the difficult emotions that accompany a Federal investigation and trial. Statistics show that defendants in criminal prosecutions like this often suffer severe depression and complete loss of self-esteem. Jeff Ivashuk will advocate forcefully for you, he’ll be your spokesperson, counselor, and mediator every step of the way! Jeff Ivashuk will go to work for you before charges are even filed, and sometimes get them reduced – or even dropped entirely. If you are looking at a Federal prosecutor action, or if you have a loved one who is facing a Federal criminal trial, you owe it to yourself – and them – to hire the best counsel you can have. You need Jeff Ivashuk.

So-called “white collar” crime is now one of the leading causes of Federal investigations and trials. Bankruptcy fraud, healthcare fraud, insurance fraud, mortgage fraud, tax evasion, insider trading, antitrust violations and embezzlement – these are all issues that people face every day. You need to know that you aren’t alone. Jeff Ivashuk’s clients include local business owners, doctors, bankers, teachers, real estate brokers, artist, firemen – and even other lawyers! Jeff Ivashuk can handle every step of your case, from pre-indictment investigations, to grand juries, to negotiating pleas and – if necessary, your trial and/or appeal. Jeff Ivashuk considers each of his clients and each of his cases unique; he is selective about who he chooses to represent, and is committed to achieving the best possible outcome for every one of his clients. Let Jeff Ivashuk put his dedication and experience to work for you!