No Contact Order – Restraining Order Attorney Florida

What does a no contact order mean, exactly that, NO CONTACT. No direct or indirect contact. Sometimes a court may make a special exemption, but very rarely. Does it matter if the victim is the one that is doing the contacting, the answer is NO.


This order can cause many hardships on all family members. Many people are barely making it together with both incomes combined without having to suddenly incur the new expense of a second living location. Stress is put on the marriage, stress on the children, bills are not getting paid, spouses never wanted this, there is no fear, what can be done?

If a “no contact” order has been made in your case, an attorney can go to court on your behalf and request to have the order modified. If the “motion to modify conditions of release” is granted, you will be allowed to once again have lawful contact with the alleged victim or defendant. Getting the order modified is essential in avoiding a subsequent arrest for violating the “no contact” provision. It may also be viewed as a first step toward reconciliation between the parties.

Do not make the mistake of thinking you can be together without anyone finding out. Car accidents happen, an officer could stop by, the state could send out a plain clothed investigator, a neighbor could call the cops on you. Do not take the chance, you could end up with a new charge and a new case facing up to 1 year in jail.